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Ohio legislation, known as House Bill 28, requires each state public institution of higher education to provide incoming students with information about mental health topics, including available depression and suicide prevention resources. This website was developed by a workgroup of professionals in evidence-based prevention programming to support Ohio's public colleges and universities in complying with this law.

The Value of Prevention Specialists

Are you looking for a credentialed professional to support you in planning and implementing programs for youth, families, and community members on behavioral health and wellness topics?

Prevention Specialists have demonstrated competency in the field of prevention and understand the importance of working with partners to select and implement evidence-based practices that promote healthy lifestyles, social and emotional learning, and positive mental and behavioral health.

To support those interested learning more about Prevention Specialists – including how to become a Prevention Specialist or how to connect with a Prevention Specialist, the 2021 OCPC Development Fellowship Study Group Members created a series of resources that can be used to demonstrate the value of prevention credentialing.

Quick Read

This quick read provides readers with a more comprehensive understanding of how and why Prevention Specialists are an asset to the community. How will YOU use the quick read to demonstrate the value of Prevention Specialists in YOUR community?

Podcast Episode

Members of the OCPC Development Fellowship Study Group took over the Ohio Adult Allies podcast for the first crossover episode! Hosted by Mary Wolff from the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, guests for this podcast include: Laura Busler (Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs), Georden Burton (Community for New Directions), and Abby Beausir (PreventionFIRST!) Join us for the first crossover podcast of the Ohio Adult Allies Podcast Series! In this episode, participants from the OCPC Development Fellowship Study group discuss how Prevention Specialists impact public health outcomes. Specifically, the following three questions will be addressed: What is a Prevention Specialist? Why do we need Prevention Specialists? How do Prevention Specialists benefit the community?