Ensure School Faculty and Staff Collaboration

While it certainly is not the role of faculty to diagnose and treat suicidal adolescents, it is their role, as well as the role of other school professionals, to assist in recognizing students at risk and convey that information to school counselors and school psychologists.

School faculty and staff have been found to be good informants concerning student mental health issues. Therefore, school professionals should collaborate with one another to help prevent adolescent suicide.


Teachers, school nurses, school counselors, school psychologists and all school staff should work together to prevent suicide. A coordinated and comprehensive program requires all professionals in the school to collaborate and communicate.

Examples of such collaborations include teachers and nurses referring at-risk students to counselors, counselors visiting classrooms to talk about mental health issues and psychologists facilitating staff training programs regarding the warning signs and risk factors for adolescent suicide and the appropriate staff intervention steps.

Suicide prevention training programs for school professionals have consistently resulted in increased participant awareness of suicide warning signs, knowledge of treatment resources, and willingness to make referrals.