Primary Prevention

School Suicide Primary Prevention refers to all school programs and activities aimed at preventing student suicide thoughts, attempts, and completions. These activities should focus on raising faculty, staff, and student awareness of suicide warning signs, risk factors, and referral steps. In addition, faculty and staff should know the appropriate protocol and plan regarding what to do when they identify a student at risk. This requires much planning and training in order for all individuals to feel prepared and confident in effectively addressing suicide prevention.

Prevention is the most direct method for saving student's lives from completed suicide and therefore should receive much attention. Being proactive in developing a suicide policy, plan and overall steps will help to ensure that the entire school community is mobilized to effectively prevent student suicide.

All school faculty and staff should share responsibility in identifying and helping students in need. The first step in developing a comprehensive school suicide prevention program is to establish primary prevention strategies. Such strategies set the stage for an effective and coordinated effort within the school.

The steps to establishing School Suicide Primary Prevention
include the following: