Intervention Steps

School Suicide Secondary Prevention (Intervention) refers to the appropriate steps school professionals should take when a student shows warning signs, threatens suicide, or attempts suicide. When an adolescent student shows warning signs or makes a suicidal threat to a school professional it is crucial that the school professional follow the steps outlined in the school suicide intervention plan.

School suicide secondary prevention requires a proactively developed plan to address suicide warning signs, threats, and attempts. A crisis intervention team should be established to lead all steps. The crisis intervention team should consist of a diverse array of school professionals (e.g., principal, counselor, teacher, school nurse, etc.) who are all fully interested and invested in being a member of this team. The crisis intervention team develops the suicide intervention plan. Each crisis intervention team should have a Team Leader to oversee the situation and ensure that all appropriate actions are taken. The Team Leader coordinates trainings, assigns team member roles and responsibilities, and communicates with school administrators.

All school staff should be familiar with the following crisis intervention steps to take when a student threatens suicide. A specific set of strategies should be used for secondary prevention efforts within the school.

The steps to establishing School Suicide Intervention Prevention
include the following: