Measure Success & Delayed


  • How will you know if your LOSS Team is effective? Deciding up front how you will answer this question and putting steps in place to answer this question is what it means to measure success.
  • Measuring success provides you the data you need to determine mission effectiveness. Nothing is more important than caring for survivors and your mission statement should reflect that.
  • Measuring success provides community partners, including prospective funding partners, the confidence needed to continue supporting your LOSS Team mission.



  • Sample metrics include tracking time it takes to arrive at a scene, the number and percentage of scenes where the bereaved requests a follow up phone call, the number and percentage of scenes where the bereaved attends a support group, and social media and newsletter engagement.
  • Sample 1st responder database capture fields



Communities can provide hope to people impacted by a suicide loss.

Suicide is a public health issue that deserves to be responded to in proportion to its impact.