Crisis Intervention

College Students

As specified in House Bill 28, crisis intervention access shall include information for national, state and local suicide prevention hotlines.

What is Crisis Intervention Access and why is it Important?

Crisis intervention encompasses strategies that provide immediate and short-term assistance to members of the campus community* experiencing mental or emotional distress. These strategies include:

  • Referrals to address long-term needs;
  • Easy access to multimedia resources such as hotlines, textlines and cell phone applications; and
  • Clear information on how to effectively recognize situations that would require crisis intervention.

Crisis intervention plans and procedures are important to ensure that campus community members in distress receive the help needed. This includes providing easy access to multimedia resources such as hotlines and textlines for multiple applications (iPhone, Android, web, tablet, etc.) and clear procedures on how to effectively recognize and assist campus community members in distress.

these Components must be included for Effective Crisis Intervention Access 

  • National and, if available, local hotline numbers
  • Website/chat lines/ text access for non-phone call resources
  • Multiple applications (iPhone, Android, web, tablet, etc.)
  • Printer-friendly visual aids to promote crisis intervention services
  • Campus resources and information for crisis intervention and support
  • Referral information for community counseling centers and hospitals (area providers)
  • Clear plan to help campus community members in distress locate hotline and referral services
  • Tracking and updating crisis intervention messaging and services

*As used in this context, “campus community members” means the students enrolled in a public institution of higher education and the faculty and staff employed by that institution.

Website Resources

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