Strength-Based Transformational Leadership


As part of the Strengthening and Sustaining Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Coalition (SSOSPC) Initiative, four coalitions across Ohio received funding to participate in the Strengths-based Transformational Leadership Study Group. Members of this study group will learn to effectively utilize strengths-based leadership skills for the benefit of their coalition efforts and their communities.

Coalitions Funded in 2022

  • Athens County Suicide Prevention Coaliation
  • Clermont County Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • River Hills Prevention Connection (Lawrence County)
  • Trumbull County Suicide Prevention Coalition

Start Here

A good place to get started is reading the Strengths-Based Transformational Leadership Guidance document. This document provides an overview of the project, explains each phase and outlines expectations for Coalition members participating.

Phase 1: Individual Strengths


In phase one, study group members will complete the Clifton Strengths Assessment and participate in a series of virtual meetings to identify and understand their individual strengths.

Meeting 1: Overview and Introduction to Strengths

  • READ ME FIRST - Strengths-Based Transformational Leadership Guidance

Meeting 2: Understanding and Using Your Strengths

Meeting 3:

Phase 2: Strengths Coaching


In phase two, study group members will focus on developing actionable goals that incorporate their individual strengths, as well as building skills to lead their coalitions effectively through coaching.

Meeting 4:

Meeting 5:

Phase 3: Coalition Coaching


In phase three, study group members will focus on understanding and using group strengths. Study group members will introduce their coalitions to strengths, both for themselves and as part of the coalition group.

Meeting 6:

Meeting 7:

Meeting 8: